Why Men Choose Smart Ladies Over Good Ones

why do men choose smart ladies over good ones?

We really want to get a few things straight before we discuss why this happens or is remembered to happen: life as a man is different from life as a lady! Disregard uniformity as an invented material. That is a complete fantasy.

Well, since that is so far away, let’s get started. On the off chance that you will be a successful man, you are expected to pursue your goals and never give up. The majority of women may never understand this.

Here is an example: a man tries to buy a luxurious car, a house, and other things. He looks outside and sees that there is always another fancier car, house, etc., and the male mind starts to take over from its preparation to get and keep pushing. He aspires to acquire the next best thing. So, for men, it’s always competition within and between themselves. When a case is investigated, the next thing that can be learned is how men think, which explains why the best people in life tend to be men or are perceived to be men.

Men’s personalities are always focused on “what’s right away, what’s better, what’s the next test to overcome,” regardless of how much money they make, what kind of house they own, etc. Men are infused with it.

Whether it is tragic or not, women are treated equally in this mindset. The question of “what next, who’s better, or who’s the next test” to overcome sets in when a man thinks he has the lady secured, or, for lack of a better word, “obtained” the lady. The male mind says, “Maybe I can and ought to get another woman, assuming this lady is mine now and that container is checked.”

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Often, the intention is not to replace the lead woman, but the thought “Why have just one car, one house, one woman, etc. when I can keep on pushing and “getting” more?

From a female perspective, managing this can be nauseating and awful. However, since you can be consistent with men that is not as difficult to manage as you might naturally suspect. Most women never try to be rational.

I mean, you could kneel down next to your partner and say, “Look, I’m here for you and with you, because I love you, need you, and enjoy being with you, but the way you’re acting makes me miserable, so I think it’s only fair for me to tell you that.” If you change these things (state them), we can stay together, but if you don’t, I’ll have to go. If you set the expectations clearly and respectfully, you will almost certainly (90%) notice a change in his behavior.


However, yelling, fighting, threatening to have different men in retaliation (which just diminishes your worth), and engaging in a wide variety of disorderly behavior will only aggravate him and have no certain result for you. The more obvious all of the above is, the more fruitful a man is. Your chaotic approach won’t work because the path to success is more chaotic than any confusion you, as a woman, can cause a successful man.

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Such men were successful because they controlled how to control and move the chaos forward. Have you noticed how some happily married men look for excuses to find “other sleeping places” and can avoid going home for days, if not weeks if they believe their spouses are unruly? The least desirable activity is looking for justifications for staying up late. There are exceptions to this, though.

In this way, there is a good chance you will notice a positive change in your man if you find a respectful way to tell him the things you personally can’t stand and ask for change. The justification for this is that men are sane. He will understand the logic behind your goals if you have them laid out clearly and act appropriately.

I won’t contradict you for the women who feel that “regard goes in two different directions.” But keep in mind where on the planet you are and how things actually operate there. In a typical African family, the most conscientious child receives the best possible care from the parents. Do you know what will happen if you allow that child to start demanding that their guardians treat them first? If you don’t, your mother’s sleepers will chase you around the corner:

Regarding the statement, “If you treat me right, I’ll respect you.” I don’t disagree with you. However, when they need to fit into your jeans, men treat all women with respect. How could “being dealt with well” be distinguished? How do you imagine that after a man has given you his direction, you will actually want to conjure up the real, legitimate treatment from him? If you keep repeating that truism, you’ll continue switching from one man to another because you believe it. As a result, treatment and crusade face commitments that will continue without being obtained. If you don’t think twice and change your mindset, you might continue to feel discouraged about Ghanaians being governed by a particular president even after the mission has to deal with opulent commitments and motivators.

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The one thing you should remember as a woman reading this article is that women have the power to influence almost any man. Polite women are aware of this. Learn how to be a shrewd lady as well. Being a “great” lady isn’t enough.

Additionally, if it’s not too much trouble, remember that women are typically domesticated animals and that reasoning doesn’t come naturally to a lot of them in all of your dealings. If it’s not too much trouble, treat them with tenderness, kindness, and love. Furthermore, while you are preoccupied, add a little spice to it.

By: Randy Osei Akoto Citixen

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