Why Don’t We Export Nurses To Make Money – Kafui Dey

Journalist Kafui Dey from Ghana suggested that we export nurses to nations that have a dire need for nurses and other healthcare professionals due to the high rate of unemployment among Ghanaian nurses.

The former host of Who Wants to be Rich claims that the UK and EU have a high demand for nurses and other health professionals, so rather than letting them sit at home without employment, he asks, why doesn’t the government export them to these nations after they have worked for a while in the motherland so that we can all benefit in the long run?

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

So there is high demand for nurses & other health care workers in the UK & EU. We have trained nurses sitting at home in Ghana.

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What do you think about instituting a policy that would allow us to export these nurses after they had worked in Ghana for at least five years? Everyone comes out ahead financially as a result of the export.

What do you make of this?


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