Who is Zac Stacy: Net Worth, Job, Age and All You Need to Know

Zachary Latrell Stacy is a professional running back in American football. The St. Louis Rams used their pick in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft to acquire his services. He played football for Vanderbilt University, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to his time spent with the New York Jets, he spent time with the Memphis Express and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Born on the 9th of April 1991, he is already 31 years old this year.

Zac, a former player in the National Football League, now makes a living by working. He rose to prominence after being heralded as the best player from 2013 to 2019 over the course of that stretch of time.


Zac Stacy, whose birth name was Zachary Latrell Stacy, spent his entire childhood in the city of Centreville in the state of Alabama. He was born in the United States, where he currently resides, and became a citizen there. In high school, he was known for having a strong interest in football. It was always one of his goals to play football at the professional level. He graduated from both Bibb County High School in Centreville, Alabama, and Vanderbilt University. He then got a degree in special education from Vanderbilt.

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Zac Stacy received his upbringing in the United States from his parents. His mother’s name is Barbara Stacy, and there is just one other member of the Stacy family, Justin Stacy (his brother). Aside from that, there is not a great deal of information available regarding his personal life.

Zac Stacy Career

Zac Stacy made his living as a football player. Both the MVOP Award and the Vanderbilt running record were broken by him in the 2011 season.
After another year had passed, someone else at Vanderbilt broke his record for the longest rush that had ever occurred there. The St. Louis Rams used their pick in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft to acquire his services. He led the team against the Seattle Seahawks with 134 yards gained on 26 carries, which was the most of any player.

Zac Stacy was unable to play for the majority of the season as a result of the broken ankle he sustained while playing against the Buffalo Bills. Because it said on the roster that he was injured, he was selected. On February 16, 2017, the NFL made the announcement that he would be retiring. A year later, he was offered a contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. The Memphis Express of the Alliance of American Football has a new player.

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Zac Stacy Girlfriend

According to the details of his personal life, he and his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Evans, had a child together who is now five months old. It is stated that his girlfriend or the mother of his child called the Oakland (Florida) Police Department to report him for assault and criminal mischief.

Who is Zac Stacy: Net Worth, Job, Age and All You Need to Know
Zac Stacy and Girlfriend


After the assault, Stacy made a hasty exit from the apartment and immediately called the authorities. He kept butting his head into mine over and over again. She stated in her application for a restraining order that she “begged him to stop because the baby was sitting on the couch only a few inches away from where he punched me.”

The baby was sitting on the couch just a few inches away from where he punched her. While the TV began to tumble, he double-checked on me to make sure I wasn’t moving as it happened. Then, while standing in the middle of the floor, Stacy started yelling at me and calling me destructive. He yanked me off the ground, grabbed me by the throat, and hurled me headfirst into the bouncer that we had purchased for our son.

controversy surrounding Zac Stacy

On November 19, Orlando law enforcement located him, and they were able to take him into custody. At this point, he made an effort to convince the authorities that his ex-girlfriend had “staged” the incident because she was “bitter” that they had ended their relationship. He argued that she did this because she was angry that they had broken up. Stacy was taken into custody in Orange County after she was charged with aggravated assault that caused serious bodily injury and criminal mischief.

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Zac Stacy Net Worth 2022

According to estimates, Zac Stacy has a net worth of six million dollars. During his time playing with the St. Louis Rams, Zac racked up a total of $1.7 million in earnings, but he was also responsible for incurring a loss of $33,000. According to a number of sources’ projections, his yearly income will be quite close to $250,000 in 2022. The majority of his income comes from the compensation provided by his company as well as advertisements for various brands. As a consequence of this, Zac Stacy’s wealth was also increased via brand sponsorships.

Zac Stacy Age

Born on the 9th of April 1991, he is already 31 years old this year.

Zac Stacy Job

He is a retired NFL player. What he does after retirement is not known as at now.

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