Who is Steve Wallis Wife: Jessica Audrey Wallis

Who is Steve Wallis Wife: Jessica Audrey Wallis

Jessica Audrey Wallis was the wife of Steve Wallis, a hugely renowned YouTuber from Canada who was 40 years old. She worked as a teacher in the public school system, and she would make guest appearances on films and live streams hosted by Steve every so often.

On the other hand, she avoided the spotlight as much as possible and kept her personal life a secret. On Steve’s one million subscribers celebration Livestream, in which Jessica made an appearance, the two of them could be seen looking quite joyful.

The year 2017 marked the beginning of Steve and Jessica’s married life together, and they recently celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary. It is uncertain how or when the couple first met, but by the time they did, they were madly in love with one another.

Jessica Audrey Wallis Death

Jessica Audrey Wallis unexpectedly died while she was sleeping on Saturday. She was the wife of Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis, better known as “Camping with Steve,” who owns the channel. Steve just recently published a video in which he breaks the “devastating” news that his wife has passed away. Continue reading to find out more.

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When Steve Wallis was living on the streets, he became friends with a woman named Jessica Audrey. After that, Jess assisted him in getting off the streets, launching a business, and achieving success in it. Steve recently said goodbye to Jess, and he is in immeasurable pain as a result of the awful event.

In addition, he suggested that individuals make memorial contributions to a local food bank or shelter in honor of his late wife. On Twitter and other social media platforms, fans and friends have been posting the same plea while also paying tribute to Jess.


Audrey Wallis caused of Death

On the 25th of August, 2022, Steve Wallis uploaded a video to YouTube in which he broke the news to the world that his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, had passed away in a horrible accident. He said that Jess had abandoned him for the entirety of his life.

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The proprietor of the YouTube channel “Camping with Steve” disclosed that he had just returned from a camping excursion in the woods with his companion and that they both went to bed on Saturday night. On the other hand, his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, had already passed away when he woke up from his slumber on Sunday.

She died in her sleep. The video depicted Steve as an extremely genuine person who appeared to be inconsolable at his loss. He described his wife as the person who brought all of the joy and happiness into his life, and he described how painful it was to lose her so suddenly.

What ultimately led to Jessica Audrey Wallis’s demise is unknown at this time.
On Saturday, Jessica Audrey Wallis passed away peacefully while she was sleeping. Steve did not divulge the specific reasons why his wife passed away in the end. People on social media are guessing that she might have had health problems in the past or that she might have had a heart attack while she was sleeping.

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Some users speculated that she may have passed away as a result of a brain aneurysm or a condition known as an AVM (arteriovenous malformation). When new information becomes available, we will return and revise this blog.

The unexpected demise of Steve’s wife left him in a state of grief and disbelief. The fact that he had to wake up and see his wife in such a state was a living nightmare for him. The very last instant of the video was quite difficult to take in. It was plainly obvious that he was just hanging on by a thread by the time it was over.


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