Kym Marsh:Biography, Wealth, Age, Spouse, Children, and Parents

Kimberley Gail Ratcliff is her full name, while Kym Marsh is her stage name. She is a singer and a television presenter in addition to being an English actor. Kym Marsh, or Kim Marsh as she is most well known, was born on June 13th, 1976.


In 2007, Kym Marsh received an award for being the best newcomer. After that, she won many prizes in the same year. However, she was finally able to break through after appearing in the reality series popstar. Since 2001 and through to the present day, Kym Marsh has been active.

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According to estimates, Kym Marsh has a net worth of approximately $19 million. Her success as an actress is the source of her considerable wealth.

How old is Kim Marsh? What is Kym Marsh’s age?

Kym Marsh was born on June 13th, 1976; today, June 13th, 2022, Kym Marsh will be 46 years old.

The Husband of Kym Marsh

Jamie Lomas, who is as attractive as Kym Marsh, is Kym Marsh’s husband.

Kym Marsh Children.

Emily Mae Cunliffe, Archie Jay Lomas, Poly Lomas, and David Ryan Cunliffe are Kym’s four children. Poly Lomas is the youngest of the bunch.

The Parents of Kym Marsh

Pauline Marsh and David Marsh are Kym Marsh’s parents. Marsh is Kym’s middle name.

Kym Marsh’s Brothers and Sisters

There are three other people in Kym Marsh’s family. These individuals have been identified as David Marsh, Tracey Marsh, and John Marsh.

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Family of the Kym Marshes

In addition to Kym Marsh, her parents have also given birth to two older brothers and a sister, so there are six members in their family.

What exactly is it that Kym Marsh is known for?

She is known for many things, including Coronation Street (1960), Downboy Cartoon, and The Loss. Kym Marsh is famous for many different things. Additionally, she became well-known for her role as a pop diva on the television show Hear’Say.

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