What is Billy Beane Net Worth

After a disappointing baseball career, he became a successful executive. Beane’s innovative approach to baseball includes statistical player analysis. Michael Lewis’ 2003 book “Moneyball” was made into a Brad Pitt movie.

Billy has played soccer in addition to baseball. He owns a stake in Barnsley FC, which plays in the EFL Championship.He also owns Eredivisie team AZ Alkmaar. Beane’s interests go beyond athletics. He’s also successful in software and other industries.

Billy Beane Early Life

William Lamar Beane III was born in Orlando in 1962. Billy grew up in a military family in Florida and California. He learned to pitch from his navy officer father. Billy was a star baseball, football, and basketball player in high school in San Diego. In his senior year, he focused on baseball. Billy Beane attracted scouts throughout high school.

Billy Beane  Baseball Career

Beane signed with the Mets for $125,000. Billy’s decision to pursue professional baseball instead of attending Stanford was solely economical. Beane faltered as he tried to show himself in the lower leagues. His batting average dipped, but he made the MLB in 1984. Beane was dealt from the Mets to the Twins.

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Billy’s performance was lacking; therefore, he was traded to the Tigers in 1988. Beane signed with the Athletics after six games with the Tigers. By 1990, he was transferred to the minors. Billy Beane became a scout after many failures.


Billy Beane Front Office 

From 1990 through 1993, Beane was an athletic advance scout. As assistant general manager, he scouted minor league players. When Walter A. Haas Jr. died in 1995, the new owners asked Beane to slash costs.

Billy Beane and Sandy Alderson began using sabermetrics to examine undervalued players. The Athletics excelled with this analytical technique despite a tight budget. Despite giving low compensation, the Athletics ranked in the top 5 overall. Billy became GM in 1997.

In 2002, the Athletics won 20 straight games, making baseball history. That year, Beane turned down a substantial offer from the Red Sox. Beane was made a partial owner as a reward. Many baseball teams began using sabermetrics in the following years. Beane was named baseball’s vice president in 2015.

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Billy Beane Further Ventures

Billy began analyzing soccer players after the Athletics owners invested in the San Jose Earthquakes. Beane has worked with several of England’s top managers. He joined AZ Alkmaar as its general manager’s adviser in 2015. Two years later, he helped buy Barnsley. Beane also serves on NetSuite’s board. Billy also consulted on “MLB Front Office Manager.”

Bill Beane Baseball Salary

Billy Beane turned down a $12.5 million, five-year contract with the Red Sox, making him the highest-paid GM in sports history. He chose to keep his $1 million A’s paycheck. In 2015, David Forst replaced him as general manager.

Billy Beane  Netsuite Salary

Billy was on NetSuite’s board from 2007 until its $9 billion sale to Oracle in 2016. Billy made $4 million at NetSuite between 2007 and 2014.

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Billy Beane Real Estate

Billy Beane bought a California property for $1.735 million in 2002. Some call the property a “McMansion,” but it boasts high-end features like an outside pool. Beane and his wife listed this home for $1.895 million in 2013.


Billy Beane Net Worth

Billy Beane is a baseball general manager with a $20 million net worth and a $3 million salary. Billy Beane played professional baseball before becoming a sports executive. He’s the Oakland Athletics’ front office executive, VP of baseball operations, and minority owner. He started as a scout, then became GM and EVP.


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