Volta Region is going to make me the president – Alan

Alan Kyerematen, a candidate for the position of flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has stated that he believes he is the most qualified candidate out of all of the others to win the election and go on to become president of Ghana.

He stated that he is marketable and also has positive messages to deliver to the citizens of Ghana.

On Monday, July 17, while on a campaign tour of the Volta region, Alan who had previously held the position of Minister of Trade declared that the people of the Volta region would elect him as President of Ghana.

He stated, “Alan is going to end up being president because of the Volta region.”

Volta Region is going to make me the president – Alan

He continued by outlining a series of steps that the NPP should take in order to break the pattern of every 8 years.

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Alan stated, “In order for us to beat the 8, there are three things that have to take place. The first of these is that you have to select the appropriate leader. The second step is to ensure that you are communicating the appropriate information, and the third step is to create an effective campaign.

These three factors are the ones that have the potential to give us power. Take a close look at each and every one of us: who among us do you think, if elected flagbearer, has the best chance of going on to become the next president of Ghana?

“Among all of the competitors, there is only one individual who you would feel comfortable marketing to the entirety of Ghana. That’s Alan Kyeremateng right there.

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