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Vinicius Slams ‘Racist’ La Liga And Spain After Latest Abuse

After the most recent racist incident, which occurred during Real Madrid’s match against Valencia on Sunday, Vinicius Junior has come to the conclusion that racism is “normal” in La Liga.

The match at Mestalla was halted for a few minutes after Vinicius called the attention of the referee to some home fans who were verbally and physically abusing him because of his race.

After making contact with Valencia’s Hugo Duro, the Brazilian was subsequently dismissed from the match. He has since resorted to social media to suggest that Spain is gaining an image as a racist society as a result of the numerous attacks that have been leveled against him.

Vinicius Slams ‘Racist’ La Liga And Spain After Latest Abuse

It wasn’t the first time, the second time, or the third time that this had happened. According to a post that he made on Twitter, racism is par for the course in La Liga. “Not only does the competition believe it’s normal, but so does the [Spanish Football] Federation, and the opponents actively encourage it.

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“I truly apologize. Racists currently own the championship that was formerly owned by Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano [Ronaldo], and Lionel Messi.

“A stunning country that welcomed me with open arms and that I like, but which yet consented to projecting the image of a racist nation onto the rest of the globe.

“I feel bad for the Spaniards who disagree with me, but in today’s world, Brazil considers Spain to be a racist nation. I apologize for that. I am helpless to defend myself against everything that takes place each week, which is a terrible reality. I agree. On the other hand, I am resilient, and I will fight bigots until the end. Even if distant from here.”

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