Veteran Actor Prince Yawson “Waakye” Confirmed Dead.

veteran actor Prince Yawson “Waakye”

It has been confirmed that veteran actor Prince Yawson “Waakye” has passed away.
Prince Yawson, better known by his stage name Waakye, was a Ghanaian comedian, entertainer, and jokester. In the year 2020, he was diagnosed with a slight stroke, and it was later determined that he had passed away.

Waakye has been in a number of well-known films, such as “Diabolo,” “Chorkor Trotro,” and “Babina,” “concert party,” and “Obra,” among a lot of other films.
The veteran and well-known actor received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from My Life Theology University in Accra in December 2020. The degree was awarded to him.



The Death of veteran actor Prince Yawson “Waakye”

Waakye, who took some time off from acting after he fell horribly ill, stated in interviews at his graduation from Bible school that he isn't surprised about this next work in his life because numerous righteous men had forecasted it. Waakye's time away from acting was prompted by the fact that he fell horribly ill

There is no evidence to suggest why he passed away at this time.

BY: Randy Osei Akoto Citixen


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