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VALS DAY: Stop proposing to men; It’s embarrassing – Efia Odo to women

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Efia Odo claims that she’s fallen in love – once again. The Ghanaian celebrity revealed that her new valentine is chaste since her partner and she have agreed that there would be no sexual activity between them before they are married.

And it wasn’t until she gave up looking for love in other places that she was able to finally find the man of her dreams.

Efia Odo has never been secretive about her romantic relationships, but this one, which she has disclosed to be around two weeks old, is being kept under wraps for the time being.

The actress cum a television personality described how unhealthy her previous relationships had been. She remarked that until she started loving herself, she didn’t even realize she was settling for less until much later.

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“That is why I insist that you have to love the person you see in the mirror. I was compromising my standards and accepting less than I deserved.

This individual was unable of even doing the most basic task for me. Because I wanted love so much, I couldn’t see clearly, and as a result, I settled for a lot less than I deserved.

Efia Odo has said that she did not actively seek for a romantic partner prior to meeting her new boyfriend, with whom she is looking forward to celebrating her first Valentine’s Day together and who has a special place in her heart.

“Don’t bother searching for love. Because I was in that position where I wasn’t hunting for love, I encourage you to let love find you. I had reached my limit with men.

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But then love came into my life. Don’t waste your time hunting for love, okay? Allow love to come to you in its own time. Because you are seeking for something and want it so much, there are moments when you have no choice but to accept whatever comes your way.

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