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Update on Wode Maya’s 1.2Million Hacked YouTube Account. Has he Retrieved it?

Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, better known as Wode Maya, a well-known YouTube blogger from Ghana, has had his account hacked, and as a result, he has lost access to his YouTube channel.

It has been speculated that Wode Maya, who currently has an astounding 1.2 million members, may emerge as the Ghanaian content creator with the biggest number of subscribers.

It is well known that Wode Maya, one of the most talented digital content creators on the African continent, uses vlogging as a means of promoting the continent.

The account of the 32-year-old male was initially compromised by a piece of malware known as “Microstrategy,” which resulted in the deletion of all of the user’s videos as of February 24, 2023.

Nonetheless, the most recent check confirms that Google has fully removed his page from their system.

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Yet, Wode Maya, whose means of subsistence have disintegrated right before his eyes, has not yet provided a statement on the matter.

What Wode Maya has to say regarding revenue from YouTube.

Earlier, during an interview with GhanaWeb TV’s Talkertainment, Wode Maya revealed that one can make more than one hundred thousand dollars per month simply by making material for YouTube.

“I constantly urge people to utilize social media properly and very intelligently because it is a place where you can make excellent revenue,” she said.

“Social media is a place where you can make a very good income.” “Depending on how popular you are on YouTube, you may make anything from ten to one hundred thousand dollars,” he explained to Elsie Lamar.

At the time, Wode Maya detailed a few of the real estate endeavors that he had been able to undertake because of the revenue he had generated through YouTube.

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