Unemployment in Ghana is at its highest in history today – Mahama

The current rate of unemployment in Ghana is the greatest it has ever been, according to John Dramani Mahama, who served as the country’s president previously.

According to him, the national unemployment rate is currently projected to be 13%.

These were some of the things that Mr. Mahama mentioned in a speech that he gave over the weekend at the graduation ceremony for the Academic City University College.

To the graduating students, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said, “We left the university gates and walked into ready jobs waiting for us.”

Unemployment in Ghana is at its highest in history today

If you were interested in becoming a teacher, you could get posted immediately. A significant number of us were able to continue working at the locations where we had been assigned for our National Service and were even promoted.

“Premium banks and private companies like UAC, Lever Brothers, which is now Unilever, and Standard Chartered Bank quickly snatched up our colleagues who made it into the first class as management trainees.”

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“Either luckily or unfortunately for you, the way the world works today is completely different. As a result of climate change, forest fires are breaking out across the northern hemisphere, and temperatures are reaching all-time highs.

Coral reefs are perishing, while ice caps in the polar regions are melting. Either severe droughts or persistent flooding are wreaking havoc in Africa right now. The Sahara Desert is moving southward, which poses a hazard to mankind in the form of an increasingly arid climate.

He continued, “The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has escalated. There is currently a battle going on in Sudan. There are several wars taking place over the entirety of Africa. Terrorists have taken control of the Sahel region and are making threats to advance all the way to the coast of West Africa.

“There are no positions that are immediately available to take you on. It could take you many years before you locate a job that pays adequately. There are instances of graduates who are still looking for work five years after they have completed their degrees.

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Today, Ghana is reported to be experiencing its highest rate of unemployment in its entire history, which stands at 13%. The state of our economy is precarious. Several people have lost their jobs as a result of the cleaning up of the banking industry and the closing of indigenous banks.

“The Debt Exchange Programme has resulted in large haircuts, which have eroded the capital of Ghanaian business owners, the income of middle-class households, and the savings of retired individuals.

“With confidence and trust in our leaders at an all-time low, the future of our democracy is in jeopardy.” Nevertheless, there is a glimmer of hope for you in this situation. You have portable electronic devices such as laptops and tablets that are quicker than any computer that was available during our time and have more storage space.

You have access to a plethora of search engines that put an infinite amount of information at your disposal. The finest part, however, is that you are not coming down from an ivory tower.

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“Over the course of their existence, universities have made changes to the courses that they teach in order to integrate those changes and make the courses more pertinent to the cultures in which they are located. Academic City University College is an example of such an educational establishment.

A forward-thinking learning centre that provides its students with the kind of hands-on experience and information that will enable them to be agents of social change no matter where their careers take them.

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