Tuesdays and Fridays are holidays for teachers in this school, here is why

Tuesdays and Fridays are free for teachers and students, including those getting ready for the BECE, based on a recent visit to Tuanikope Basic School on one of the Ada East Islands.

When this visit was made on Friday, July 5, 2024, at roughly 10:00 a.m., neither teachers nor pupils were present at the school.


A small child, thought to be between the ages of five and six, was observed strolling around in his school uniform at 11:00 am, appearing defenseless. After a while, he departed because neither his teachers nor his peers were there.

Concerned about this circumstance, local leaders met with our news crew. The head of the town voiced his concerns, pointing out that the kids' education is suffering as a result of the instructors' absence on these days. In spite of his best attempts, he's been

unable to resolve the issue with the teachers.


Raphael Tordzagala, Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association, also voiced his dissatisfaction with the conduct of the teachers and the headmaster.

He shared his personal experience, saying, “I am a trained teacher with a certified certificate from Ada College of Education, obtained seven years ago, but I have not been posted since my National Service. After my service, I assisted at the school, hoping for a posting and some compensation, but that did not happen. So, I stopped assisting.”


Former students also blamed their poor performance in the BECE on this issue. Some reported scores of 42, 30, and 34, among others. Many of these former students have not received placements to further their education and have resorted to petty trading and fishing.

The news team followed up with the Ada East District Education Directorate for a response.

Plahar, the Public Relations Officer, confirmed that some schools on the island do not operate on Tuesdays and Fridays due to the lack of an official boat for the teachers. However, he mentioned that plans are underway to resolve this issue.

“The directorate is trying its best to provide the teachers with official canoes, outboard motors, and life jackets to assist them in crossing the river to island communities,” he added.

Until these challenges are addressed, innocent children will continue to miss school, a situation that will significantly impact their future.

Source: 3news,com

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