Tracey Boakye, who is envious, refers to Jackie Appiah’s mansion as a “Bush House.”

Jackie Appiah, an A-list actress, recently moved into a new home, which Tracey Boakyehas dubbed a “bush house.”

The saddest part is that despite her warnings for people to stop tagging her in posts asking

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to view Jackie’s bush hut, she herself included a Jackie Appiah tag.

Use your contacts to help young performers instead than showing off your wealth—

Advice from Adu Safowah J. A. Appiah

Due to their notoriety for abusing antique gold, Tracey Boakye and Agradaa have been targeted by random gunfire since a video of Jackie Appiah’s new home was posted online.

Tracey has taken offense and is attacking Jackie Appiah on her ghost page after receiving advice from numerous social media users to take inspiration from Jackie’s mansion’s traditional interior design.

On her ghost page, Mama Tracey, which she likes and follows, Tracey Boakye disparages Jackie Appiah. She has compared her mansion to a hut and is acting out in front of her critics.


Tracey Boakye is simply too sad to hide her anguish, and it is clear that some of Jackie’s coworkers are jealous of her and that others feel pressured by her success.


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