Tory Lanez Sentenced to 10 Years In Prison for Megan Thee Stallion Sho^ting

Tory Lanez was found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot and he was sentenced to ten years in jail on Tuesday 8 August.

This brings to a close three years of legal drama over the violent incident that occurred in 2020.

After being found guilty in December on three charges of felony over the event, the judge decided to give Lanez, whose true name is Daystar Peterson, a lengthy term. The incident occurred when Lanez shot at the feet of Megan, whose actual name is Megan Pete, during an altercation during a pool party in the Hollywood Hills.

Judge David Herriford imposed a sentence that was significantly harsher than the probation that Lanez’s attorneys had asked for, but it was also less severe than the 13 years that the prosecution had requested. Neither Tory’s attorneys nor the District Attorney’s office immediately responded to a request for comment after it was sent to them.

Tory Lanez Sentenced to 10 Years In Prison for Megan Thee Stallion Sho^ting

Ahead of the sentencing, Lanez is believed to have asked for mercy from Judge Herriford, asking for probation or a sentence with a minimum amount of time spent in jail. According to The Associated Press, he is quoted as saying, “If I could turn back the series of events that night and change them, I would.” “The deceased was a good friend of mine. The victim is someone for whom I continue to feel compassion to this day.

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“I take full responsibility for everything I did wrong that night,” he continued, adding that statement.

According to reports, Judge Herriford commented that it was “difficult to reconcile” the loving person described by the rapper’s supporters in comments made in court on Monday (August 7), with the guy who shot Megan, saying that “sometimes good people do bad things.” Every action has a reaction, and in this particular scenario, there are no winners.

The hearing that took place on Tuesday took place about three years after the incident that took place on July 12, 2020. The driver who was transporting Lanez, Megan, and her assistant and friend Kelsey Harris from a party at Kylie Jenner’s house was the one who pulled the trigger.

During the dispute, Megan is said to have gotten out of the vehicle and started walking away when Lanez said, “Dance, bitch!” and then proceeded to shoot at her feet. This is according to the prosecution.

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After the event, Megan originally informed responding authorities that she had wounded her foot after stepping on shattered glass, but a few days later, she claimed that she had been shot instead. After some time, in October 2022, Lanez was arrested and charged with the shooting.

During the course of the trial, the attorneys representing Lanez did everything in their power to cast doubt on the identity of the person who had fired the trigger by imagining a situation in which Harris may have been the offender.

However, a crucial witness for the defense provided contradictory eyewitness testimony, and the prosecutors referred to an earlier interview in which Harris placed full responsibility for the incident on Lanez. Megan provided convincing evidence during her own testimony that Lanez was the person who shot her; nevertheless, neither Lanez nor the driver took the stand throughout the proceeding.

In the proceedings leading up to Lanez’s sentencing, the prosecution argued for a term of thirteen years in prison, telling the judge that Lanez “waged a campaign to humiliate and re-traumatize the victim.” They stated that the rapper “clearly is incapable of accepting any responsibility for his own actions” and that he “not only lacks remorse.”

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In a separate motion that they made a week ago, Lanez’s legal team requested that the judge sentence their client to simple probation. They continued to insist that he was innocent, but they argued that even if he had been responsible for the crimes, his penalty ought to be mitigated because of “childhood trauma” and “alcohol use disorder.”

Even after the sentencing, Lanez has the opportunity to challenge his conviction before an appellate court in the state. A challenge of this nature, however, will have a steep hill to climb: in 2022, California appeals courts overturned a guilty decision against a defendant in only 19% of cases.

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