Tom Zhu Tesla Biography, Wikipedia, Nationality, Age, Wife, Net worth, Career

According to a report by the news agency Reuters, which cited an internal positing of reporting lines, Zhu has been given new responsibilities, which effectively makes him the highest-profile executive in Tesla, apart from Elon Musk himself, who is the CEO.

Tom Zhu will be responsible for overseeing deliveries in all of Tesla’s major markets, including North America, Europe, and China, which is extremely important as the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing giant based in the United States looks to scale up both production and deliveries.

It has also been reported that Troy Jones, the vice president for sales and service in North America, will continue in his role, but that he will now report to Zhu rather than to Musk.

Tom Zhu Biography

Tom Zhu is a business owner as well as an investor. After Elon Musk, he is Tesla’s executive with the most visibility in the company. In addition to that, he is a vice president at Kaibo Engineering Group and a managing director at Tesla China.

According to, Tom Zhu was recently given a promotion that gave him responsibility for the electric car manufacturer’s assembly plants in the United States, as well as sales, service, and delivery operations in North America and Europe.

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Tom Zhu Age

The media does not appear to be aware of Tom Zhu’s precise birthdate. He has not divulged very much information about his private life to the general public. As a result, his age and zodiac sign are still a mystery at this point in time.

Tom Zhu Nationality and Ethnicity 

Tom Zhu was born in China but currently possesses a passport for the country of New Zealand. In addition to this, Tom is of mixed ethnicity and Chinese and New Zealander nationality, making him a dual citizen of both countries. Additionally, he is a devout Christian and observes its tenets.

Tom Zhu Parent

Tom Zhu was conceived in China by parents who adored one another. However, the media has not been able to determine the identities of his parents. He was very protective of the privacy of his family life and made every effort to avoid the scrutiny of the press. The same may be said for his brother or sister; very little is known about them.

Tom Zhu Education

Tom graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2004 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology degree. This is relevant information about his educational history. In subsequent years, he attended Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and earned a Master of Business Administration degree in 2010.

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Tom Zhu Height

Tom Zhu has a respectable height of around 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) and a healthy weight of about 72 kilograms (158 pounds).

Tom Zhu Career

Shortly after finishing his graduate studies, Tom Zhu embarked on a successful career in the industry. At the beginning of his career, he held the position of Vice President at Kaibo Engineering Group. After that, in 2014, he started working for Tesla.

Before leaving for Tesla, Tom held the positions of Vice President of Greater China, Asia Pacific, and Gigafactory 3 for the electric vehicle manufacturer.

In the most recent quarter, Tesla was able to produce a record 405,278 units; however, despite the fact that this number may appear to be outstanding, it is really lower than what was anticipated.

It has also been offering discounts on several of its models in China, where it is attempting to expand its dominance despite the fact that local manufacturers are catching up and the corporation itself is experiencing safety issues. Despite this, it has been offering these reductions.

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Tom Zhu Wife and Children

There is a possibility that Tesla’s Managing Director is a married individual. However, in order to protect his privacy, he has not spoken openly in the media about his marital life or provided any specifics about his wife.

Tom was very protective of the privacy of his family life and made every effort to avoid the scrutiny of the media. Additionally, he does not engage with others on any of the social media sites.

Finding his personal information is thus impossible at this time. In a similar vein, there is no information that can be found on his children.

Tom Zhu Net worth

It is believed that Tom Zhu has a net worth of one billion dollars. He is the second-highest-profile Tesla executive after Elon Musk and also holds the position of Managing Director at Tesla.

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