This is why Homowo Cup is called off

As a result of the Great Olympics’ decision to pull out of the competition in 2023, the Homowo Cup, which was scheduled to take place in 2023, has been abruptly cancelled.

The Homowo Cup match between Great Olympics and Hearts of Oak, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 20, at the Accra Sports Stadium, has been postponed, much to the dismay of both the stakeholders in the competition and the spectators who were looking forward to watching it.

This is why Homowo Cup is called off

The sad postponement of the matchup that had been anticipated by many was revealed in an official statement that was made public on Friday. The organisers expressed their regret over the decision. In light of the fact that the withdrawal of the Great Olympics came as a complete surprise to everyone involved, the news was accompanied by an apology to all of those parties.

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It was anticipated that the Homowo Cup, which is a fixture that has historically garnered significant attention and excitement among football enthusiasts, would be a thrilling showdown between the two powerhouse teams. The confrontation between these two titans on the field was something that fans had been looking forward to seeing for a long time.

At this point in time, the reasons behind the Great Olympics’ decision to withdraw from the competition are unknown. However, there is a great deal of conjecture concerning possible internal and external variables that may have influenced the team’s choice.

Nii Dr. Ayi Bonte, the Gbese Mantse, is trying to convince the Great Olympics to change their mind about cancelling the match, so even though everyone is upset about it, there is still a chance that it will go ahead.

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