The Rock urges skin tone change to wax figure in Paris museum

After a wax replica of him seemed to show the actor with a paler skin tone, the rock declared he would get in touch with a Parisian gallery.

Following its unveiling at the Grevin Museum last week, fans pointed out that the figure’s skin tone was off.

In a video that he uploaded, The Rock asks comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr. if the wax figure has even Googled him.

Then he demanded that “some important details, starting with my skin colour, be updated on my wax figure” by the museum.

The Rock posted on Instagram, “For the record, I’m going to have my team get in touch with our friends at Grevin Museum.”

“And next time I’m in Paris, I’ll stop in and have a drink with myself,” he said.

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The Rock, Dwayne Johnson at the premiere of a movie Johnson is a fifty-year-old man of mixed race, with a shaved head and a black T-shirt pulled taut over his muscular arms. He’s got a diamond necklace and grey jeans. He’s grinning at the camera with both arms out.

Among the most paid actors in Hollywood is The Rock.

A black father from Nova Scotia and a Samoan mother gave birth to The Rock in California.

Rocky Johnson, his father, was a professional wrestler who was a member of the first black tag team to win a WWE championship.

According to the museum’s website, artist Stéphane Barret was only able to make the sculpture with the use of images and videos, which was unveiled on October 16 in Paris.

The model’s eyes “had to be redone three times to avoid too dark a tint, making the star’s face too hard and erasing its warm aspect,” according to a press statement.

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BBC Newsbeat contacted the Grevin Museum for a comment, but they didn’t respond. Nevertheless, “Dwayne Johnson is right, and we noticed it and will obviously remedy it as quickly as possible,” was stated in a statement provided to Deadline.

We’ve also reached out to The Rock’s agents to get their thoughts.

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