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‘The Records Are There’ – Dr. Duffuor Questions John Mahama’s Competence To Lead Ghana

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, the flagbearer hopeful for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), believes Ghanaians are best positioned to evaluate John Dramani Mahama’s performance as a leader in relation to the latter’s management of the nation’s economy.

However, he does not believe it is within his purview to “pass a vote of no confidence” in Mahama’s competence.

In his comparison of the economic statistics under the Mills administration to those during the Mahama administration, Dr. Duffuor, who served as Finance Minister under the Mills administration from 2009 to 2012, allegedly claimed that the economic indicators under Mahama as President were bad.

The records are present. You are from Ghana. Look at the data, which spans 2009 to 2016. You requested to see the numbers. In an interview, Dr. Duffuor made a sarcastic jab at the previous president by saying, “The numbers speak for themselves, not me.

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Dr. Duffuor continued, “His records are obvious, but it is not for me to pass a vote of no confidence in Mahama.”

“I am unable to vote against him; the numbers will speak for themselves.” If the numbers are poor, they are informing you that a failure occurred somewhere.

“I’m referring to the numbers on the ground. I’m not referring to personality. Who had the power? If you are pleased with the numbers, you must also inquire as to who made the decisions. Did he perform well? Look at the numbers and talk to the numbers, Dr. Duffour said in a TV3 interview.

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