NIA says it is impossible to register 2 million backlog SIM cards Before the deadline for SIM registration

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has stated that it cannot issue Ghana Cards to all qualified Ghanaians.

Because of the risks of the Correspondences Service blocking all unregistered SIM Cards after the September 30 cutoff time, nearly 2 million Ghanaians have yet to enroll for the card, which is the sole report for enlistment.

At a press conference on Friday, NIA Chief Head Ken Attafuah emphasized that the power’s monetary and strategic frameworks were not designed to accommodate such rapid orders.

“We have the order to enroll all Ghanaians in Ghana and all Ghanaians abroad. It is impossible for NIA to enlist all Ghanaians in Ghana. On the off chance that you take a gander at our presentation record, however harsh as we accept our exhibition may be, actually there are roughly 2,000,000 individuals matured 15 or more who have not enrolled for the Ghana Card. ” Today is the sixteenth of September; it is impossible that the NIA can enlist those individuals. It is genuinely, in fact, and monetarily unimaginable. What guidance streams from that? “We had expressed way back in spring that it was unthinkable and it resembles anticipating that a lady should make a child-like clockwork-in this way, that is not how the law planned NIA,” he contended.

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The SIM card re-enrolment practise was stretched out to September 30, 2022, following the trouble by numerous Ghanaians to go through the course of the inaccessibility of their Ghana Cards.

“Upon meeting with the business and considering the difficulties listed above, I have hesitantly chosen to grant a restrictive expansion. The programme will be extended to September 30th, ending on the commemoration of its initiation, “the Priest of Interchanges, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, reported.”

This was trailed by a fractional blockage of SIM cards that had not been re-enrolled as of September 5 by the Public Correspondence Authority (NCA), a mandate that was subsequently switched after a public uproar. With the cutoff time quickly drawing closer, strategy investigator Selorm Branttie has declared that impeding unregistered SIM cards after September 30 will just add up to a loss of the government’s digitalization agenda. You are looking at being a tease and playing, making a petri-dish of the entire digitization plan which is being controlled by the VP himself and by so many different associations. You are looking at playing with our SDGs.

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On Bliss FM’s Super Morning Show on September 13, 2022, he said, “You are looking at blocking computerised access, you are looking at making advanced politically-sanctioned racial segregation where people are made to pay for one more group that doesn’t live up to their promise.”

Mr. Branttie’s anxiety is that, going by the way that numerous supporters don’t have the Ghana Card, it will be rash to authorise the September 30 deadline. He predicted that the outcomes would be turbulent if the clergyman remained consistent.He, in this way, tried Mrs. Owusu-Ekuful to impede unregistered SIM cards as she had compromised.

“I twofold challenge the Clergyman to go by her own words and see the sort of disorder that will occur in this country.

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“I’m saying mayhem since you are looking at playing with the fortunes of the assistance area which offers over 45% of our Gross domestic product,” the arrangement expert expressed.

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