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The 2 Male Stars Getting Married in USA: Meet Noah Galvin and Ben Platt

The 2 Male Stars Getting Married in USA: Meet Noah Galvin and Ben Platt

On Friday, the pair made the happy announcement of their engagement on Instagram. Both of them were featured in the lead part of the Tony Award–winning musical that was performed on Broadway.

The recently engaged couple was captured in a series of photographs cuddling up to one another while they were encompassed by an assortment of flowers appropriate for the fall season and floating candles.

Platt wrote his photo with the following: “He promised to hang out forever,” while Galvin added, “I shouted yeehaw and then wept for like seven hours.”

Following the actors’ sweet revelation, their close friends and family flocked to the comment sections to express their delight. Among those who did so were Rachel Brosnahan, Ariana DeBose, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rachel Zegler, Ariana Grande, and many more.

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The Two Male Stars Getting Married in USA: Meet Noah Galvin and Ben Platt

When Beanie Feldstein, who will star alongside Oliver Platt in the forthcoming film adaptation of Merrily We Roll Along, wrote, “I AM SO HAPPY AND HAVE NOT STOPPED CRYING,” she said it best.

Musical theater enthusiasts are aware that Platt created the role of Evan Hansen on Broadway in 2016. When it was revealed that he would be leaving the production the following year, it was stated that Galvin would be one of his replacements.

The two people hit it off immediately, which eventually led to the formation of a deeper bond between them over the course of the subsequent several years.

In the year 2020, Galvin shared the news that she and Ben were dating on the podcast titled “Little Known Facts,” hosted by Ilana Levine. “I inquired of him first thing this morning. I was thinking something along the lines of, “Are we permitted to talk about this?” Then he says something to the effect of, “Don’t get into our nitty-gritty, but certainly, people may know.” “It’s just been around for a short while.”

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The two have been together ever since, and they have a puppy together whose name is Mr. Georgie. During the quarantine, they cheered everyone else up by holding virtual dance parties. Platt referred to Galvin as “a companion who I genuinely adore” in an interview that he gave to Out in the year 2021.

Platt continued by saying, “[Galvin] has a really unique capacity to allow me to be present where I am and to make the life that’s occurring day to day too amazing for me to want to be anywhere else than on the ground for it.”

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