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Thabo Bester Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Real Name, Parents, Wife

In the year 2023, South Africa will have Thabo Bester listed as one of the most wanted offenders in the country. He broke out of prison and then went on to stage his own death in 2022. In this piece, we take a look at who Thabo is, who is notorious for being a killer as well as a rapist.

Thabo Bester Biography

After successfully evading capture in prison and passing himself off as dead in 2022, Bester is currently the most sought-after criminal in the nation. As of the month of April in the year 2023, he has not been located and is wanted for various offenses, including charges of defilement and murder.

The fact that Thabo Bester was born as a result of a traumatic incident was disclosed by his mother, Maria Mabaso, in an interview that was conducted with her. A man who had promised to drive her and her cousin to see her sister had, instead, sexually abused and violated both of them while they were in his car.

Due to the circumstances, Mabaso was forced to become a single mother who was required to continually work, and she entrusted her mother with the responsibility of rearing her son, who was one at the time.

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Mabaso’s efforts to find her son were fruitless when her mother passed away while Thabo Bester was in his teenage years. She had been trying to find him for a while. She regrets terribly that she did not give her son to an Indian couple living in Lenasia so that they could adopt him.

Thabo Bester Parents

Maria Mabaso (who is Thabo Bester’s mother) and Ananias Mathe (who is Thabo Bester’s father) are Thabo Bester’s parents. In an interview, Maria revealed that a man who was acting as a driver for them had offered to drive her and her cousin to her sister’s house had sexually assaulted and violated them.

Thabo Bester Criminal Charges

Because of his involvement in illegal actions and cons, Thabo Bester has gained a new nickname: “the Facebook abuser.” In 2012, he was judged to be responsible for a number of crimes, one of which was the assault and subsequent murder of his model girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu.

In 2011, a judge also found him responsible for the robbery and molesting of two additional women. He received the maximum penalty, which was life in prison.

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In 2022, Thabo Bester was able to break out of prison by using a ruse that involved his death being staged as if it had already occurred. Prior to his incarceration, he had been found guilty of multiple crimes, including allegations of murder and defilement committed against women he had met over Facebook.

Among these crimes was the murder of one of the victims. After the fire broke out, allegedly three G4S employees who worked in the prison where he was being housed were terminated from their positions.

After further testing proved that the wanted criminal was still alive, the police began investigating whether or not a murder had taken place.

In March of 2023, Thabo Bester was observed in a shopping mall, and he quickly became notorious for the illegal actions and con artistry that he engaged in. Numerous sightings of him were reported, the majority of which took place in Johannesburg and in the rented mansion where he lived.

On the other hand, the authorities did not give up on him, and on April 7, 2023, they eventually arrested him along with his lover, Dr. Nandipah Magudumana, and a Mozambican who was thought to be their assistant. They were captured in Tanzania, just 10 kilometers away from the border with Kenya.

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The information was revealed by the Minister of the Police, Bheki Cele, at a briefing, when he stated that both Interpol and Crime Intelligence had been working on the investigation. They reported seeing a black SUV driven by Dr. Nandipha and Thabo Bester as they exited a hotel.

Thabo Bester Wife

It has been rumored that Thabo Bester is romantically involved with a South African physician by the name of Dr. Nandipha Mogudumana. She was the first woman observed accompanying him to a shopping center for the first time.

Thabo Bester Net worth

It is reported that Thabo Bester’s net worth is roughly two million dollars (approximately $2,000,000).

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