Next NDC government will fine-tune teacher licensure exams – Apaak

Teacher Licensure Exams: Clement Apaak, a member of the Education Committee of Parliament as well as the Member of Parliament for Builsa South, has disclosed that the upcoming National Democratic Congress (NDC) government aims to modify the Teacher Licensure Exams in order to reduce the number of candidates that are unsuccessful overall.

According to Dr. Apaak, the NDC is dedicated to addressing the present concerns linked to the tests and implementing the required reforms to enable an accurate assessment of the capabilities and credentials of aspiring teachers.

The frightening failure of 6,451 students who took the 2023 Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination in May marks the highest failure rate since the exam's introduction. This announcement followed the startling failure of those candidates.

Next NDC government will fine-tune teacher licensure exams – Apaak

Exams to certify teachers in Ghana are administered with the goal of filling the country's classrooms with individuals who meet the necessary educational standards.

In an interview that aired on Citi TV's The Big Issue on Saturday, June 25, Dr. Apaak claimed that the National Democratic Coalition's goal is to build a more complete and effective evaluation system by improving the Teacher Licensure Exams. This evaluation method is intended to accurately measure the competence and abilities of teachers.

Dr. Apaak is convinced that Ghana would be able to maintain the highest possible standards of quality in its teaching workforce if these enhancements were implemented.

In the meantime, Kofi Asare, the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch, has stated that he is pleased with the results of the 6,451 applicants' inability to pass the 2023 Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination.

Mr. Asare said that the defeat was a step in the right direction because it would prohibit unqualified teachers from training kids.

“I have read a few of the scripts, and in my opinion, there is very little to absolutely nothing that can be done if graduates are unable to connect together a sentence in English. He stated this in an interview that was broadcast on Citi FM. “We had about 87 percent or so of them failing in English,” he remarked.

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