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Taylor Swift Seattle concert generates seismic activity

According to a seismologist, the Taylor Swift concerts that took place in the city of Seattle in the United States caused an amount of seismic activity that is equivalent to a 2.3-magnitude earthquake.

The information was gathered at Swift’s sold-out performances at Lumen Field on July 22 and 23, which were part of her Eras tour.

Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a seismologist, determined that the activity was brought on by Taylor Swift’s fans or the sound system.

Taylor Swift Seattle concert generates seismic activity

The events were so successful in Seattle that they broke the previous record, which had been held by the “Beast Quake” in 2011.

American football fans cheering Marshawn Lynch for scoring a touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks during a game against the New Orleans Saints were the source of that.

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A geology professor at Western Washington University named Ms. Caplan-Auerbach told CNN that the difference in magnitude between the NFL game and Swift’s recent concerts was only 0.3, but the “shaking was twice as strong” and “absolutely doubled it.”

“I grabbed the data from both nights of the concert and quickly noticed they were clearly the same pattern of signals,” she said. “I quickly noticed that they were clearly the same pattern.” If I were to place one on top of the other, I would find that they are really similar.

Over the course of two nights, the Seattle concerts were performed in front of a combined total of 144,000 spectators.

Swift stated after the show that Seattle was “genuinely one of my favorite weekends ever” in an Instagram post she made after the show. I am grateful to you for everything. All of the yelling, cheering, jumping, dancing, and singing at the top of your lungs.”

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The concerts that Taylor Swift performed in Seattle took place near the end of the United States leg of her Eras tour. This was Swift’s first tour in five years.

In the past, seismic activity has been attributed to certain musical performances, such as a concert given by the Foo Fighters in New Zealand in 2011.

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