Who is Susannah Coolidge? All About Jennifer Coolidge’s Sisters

The American actress Jennifer Coolidge’s sister is Susannah Coolidge. Her sister is well recognised for her starring and supporting roles in the Legally Blonde (2001–2003) and American Pie (1999–2012) film series.

Susannah is well-known for being a celebrity sibling, but very little is known about her private life. Therefore, we will go into great detail about Susannah Coolidge’s personal and professional life today.

Susannah was born in the United States of America in June 1966 to Gretchen Knauff and Paul Constant Coolidge. She is Jennifer Coolidge’s sister. She will be 56 years old in 2023.

While her mother appears to be a stay-at-home parent, her father, Paul, was the owner of two plastic manufacturing companies and a former naval deck officer who served in the Pacific Theatre. Her parents are both no longer in this world.

In Norwell, Massachusetts, her deceased parents raised her and her siblings. She attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, for her schooling.

Additionally, she has a mixed ethnic heritage because she is descended from English, German, and distant Scottish and Irish ancestry. Susannah is also an American citizen.

Susannah Coolidge family history

Regarding her ancestry, her paternal grandfather, John Templeman Coolidge IV, was a native of Boston. His parents are Catherine Scollay Parkman and John Templeman Coolidge III. Susannah Cunnigham, the granddaughter of Frederic Cunnigham and Hetty Sullivan Lawrence, was also Susannah’s paternal grandmother. Massachusetts’ Brookline is where she was born.

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Paul August Knauff was also her granddad on her mother’s side. Henry Knauff and Frederika Marie Mulfinger, both of German descent, gave birth to him in Wisconsin. Additionally, William Frank Adkisson and Margaret Ann Portlock gave birth to her maternal grandmother, Mildred Ann Adkisson, an Illinois native.

Susannah Coolidge Siblings

Susannah is the sister of Jennifer Coolidge, an actress, as was already mentioned. She also has a brother named Andrew Coolidge and a sister named Elizabeth Coolidge, in addition to Jennifer.

Her sister Jennifer is a well-known Hollywood actress, as we all know. Her two other siblings live incredibly low-key lives in contrast to Jennifer.

Jennifer, Susannah’s sister, is a well-known actress. A brief overview of her career

Jennifer Coolidge, Susannah’s sister, was born on August 28, 1961, in Norwell, Massachusetts, and was destined to become an actress. Later, after enrolling in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career as an actor.

American actress Susannah Coolidge Sister has achieved success.
Sister of Susannah Coolidge Jennifer began her acting career as a supporting actor in a number of films and television shows. She made her television debut on the Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld comedy Seinfeld.

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Coolidge gained notoriety as an actress after appearing in supporting roles in films including A Bucket of Blood, Pump Fiction, and Night at the Roxbury. In 1999, she got her breakthrough in the comedy American Pie.

In 2018, Coolidge appeared in the music video for the song Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande.

Was Susannah Coolidge Jennifer’s sister who perished at the hands of a shark?
The White Lotus actress once disclosed that her sister had been a shark victim in an exclusive interview with a US publication. She stated:

I created a Jaws recreation when I was ten years old. My sister was attacked by a shark while my father was swimming with a fin on his back.

Since Jennifer hasn’t revealed which of her sisters was attacked by a shark, Susannah or Elizabeth are likely candidates.

Working in the World Trade Centre in New Orleans is Susannah Coolidge.
Susannah works at the World Trade Centre in New Orleans, according to her LinkedIn profile. She worked for the company as the Trade Programmes Manager.

There isn’t any other information about Coolidge’s professional life aside from this.

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Susannah Coolidge Husband

Yes, is the response. Coolidge has been married. She resides in New Orleans with her spouse, Fred Diegel, and they are married. Her marital date and number of children are unknown because she keeps her private affairs confidential. They have, however, unquestionably conducted their marriage with grace.

The pair attended the Holiday Home Tour at 1525 Camp Place in 2018 together. The source also claimed that Susannah’s husband purchased some furnishings at an auction to match their house’s American side-hall design.

Susannah Coolidge Net worth

Given that Susannah worked in a world commerce centre, she must have made a respectable salary. However, it appears that her net worth has not yet been determined after looking through many media channels.

Her well-known sister, Jennifer Coolidge, meanwhile, is thought to be worth $6 million.

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