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Suame NDC youth organiser detained by Police; charged with offensive conduct

The Suntreso police have detained the youth organizer for the Suame National Democratic Congress [NDC] on the suspicion that he made an inciting statement.

In a video that has gone viral, Razak Avoliya can be heard inciting members and supporters of the major opposition party to pick up guns against their rival.

The ‘wanted’ youth organizer presented themselves to the Central Police command together with his attorney, many regional party officials, and sympathizers. He was taken into custody.

After some time, the command handed off the investigation to the Suntreso police station, where Razak was questioned and his remarks were recorded.

He was accused of offensive behavior and detained after the incident.

They filed charges against him for provocative behavior, and we were scheduled to appear in court. However, after hearing the statements, we realized that time was running out, and so we compromised by agreeing to appear in court the next day. Counsel representing Razak, Evans Amankwa, said

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The attorney stated that they were willing to help with the inquiry.

“We are going to work with the legal system.” Regarding the detention, we do not have any concern. He will remain behind bars until the morning.

The young leader is really upbeat and enthusiastic. He was serious about what he stated, but he has no intention of upsetting the balance of power in this country.

He was only urging the residents of the Suame constituency to strengthen themselves in preparation for the elections in 2024 and to be ready to fight themselves if they were assaulted by members of the NPP.

On Thursday, February 9, the troubled youth organizer who is accused of engaging in behavior that is insulting to others will be brought before a judge.

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