Residents, travellers stranded as road linking Suaman-Juaboso floods

Flooding as a result of severe rainfall in the Western North Region has led to the inundation of the bridge that connects Juaboso and Suaman Dadieso, stranding residents and travellers alike.

The Western North Region’s heavy rainfall was the cause of the flooding.

As a result of the flooding, the road is currently impassable, which presents challenges for individuals who depend on this route for transit.

Residents, travellers stranded as road linking Suaman-Juaboso floods

Adom News spoke with a number of victims who claimed that the road was in a dangerous state and that the ongoing rainfall made the issue worse.

Some victims have resorted to using canoes and boats in order to conduct their daily activities because the flooded bridge has made it difficult for them to pass over to the neighboring communities.

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They claimed that this alternate mode of transportation is cumbersome and expensive, putting a burden on their resources.

Residents have thus made a request to the authorities, asking that action be taken to rectify the situation and that access to the affected regions be restored as quickly as possible.

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