Steve Harvey’s Wife Cheating Rumours: All you need to know

After the outrageous accusations made against her, Steve Harvey’s wife is not going to remain silent. Marjorie Elaine allegedly cheated on the Family Feud presenter by sleeping with his cook and bodyguard, according to tabloid allegations.

She’s finally speaking out and setting the record straight after keeping her cool and composure for days. For all the information, scroll down!

At Invest Fest 2023 yesterday, Steve finally spoke up and said that he and his wife were “doing fine. Additionally, he advised the rumours mongers to find another location since they don’t have time for such rumours. His enormous fan base breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing his words.

Steve Harvey’s Wife Cheating Rumours: All you need to know

Marjorie Elaine, the wife of Steve Harvey, posted a quotation on her Instagram account titled “How to manage being lied about” that said, “When they flung their insults at him, he did not respond; when he grieved, he made no threats. Instead, he placed his trust in the just judge.

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“My husband and I don’t usually stop to address all the foolishness and lies that have been spread about us,” Marjorie Elaine wrote in the caption of her post. Whoever receives much must also give much in return. I am aware that I have a responsibility towards those who may not be as powerful as we are because of my platform. Read it and pass it along to family members who might not know how to handle the situation well. God bless you all.

Despite the fact that Marjorie Elaine’s reputation had been destroyed by the outrageous charges, internet users were impressed with how she handled the situation.

One of the greatest mature public applauses I’ve ever witnessed in this day and age, a user wrote. Bravo”

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Another person said, “It’s horrible how people are so fascinated with ending marriages. I’d never want somebody to go through a divorce because it’s so painful.

“The devil is a liar! In the name of Jesus, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. read a remark.

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