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Shanquella Robinson Mexico Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Autopsy, Fight Vide, Fighting, Instagram, Reddit,

Shanquella Robinson Mexico Biography

Shanquella Robinson was a North Carolina native and successful businesswoman. It is unknown how she passed unexpectedly, and as a result, people are looking for information on the young woman who was traveling in Mexico with her friends when she was killed there.

As soon as it was initially uploaded to the internet, the video of Shanquella Robinson being attacked by her companion immediately gained widespread attention. Right here, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the young woman who passed away while traveling in Mexico with her pals.

Girl Died In Mexico With Friends

A woman whose name was Shanquella Robinson passed away as a result. Shanquella Robinson, who is originally from Charlotte, was assaulted by her companion in a video that quickly went viral on several social media platforms.

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On October 28, Shanquella was on her way to Mexico with a large group of other passengers. She passed away in less than a day, and many people have expressed their sympathies over the unexpected passing.

There has not been any public announcement made regarding the circumstances surrounding how Shanquella got hurt. Get the truth about what happened to Shanquella Robinson and how she passed away by reading this.

Girl Who Died In Mexico

Shanquella Robinson, a successful entrepreneur from North Carolina, recently returned from a trip to Cabo San Lucas with some pals. They went there in order to honor the birthday of one of their mutual acquaintances.

Shanquella Robinson passed away within twenty-four hours of her being hospitalized, and her parents, Salamondra and Bernard, were informed that alcohol poisoning was the cause of their daughter’s passing.

Girl Dies In Mexico

As Shanquella’s parents contacted the FBI and informed them about the suspicious circumstances surrounding their cherished daughter’s passing in Mexico, the FBI began their investigation.

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The officials discovered that there was possibly another factor that contributed to the fatality. During an interview, Salamondra disclosed that her daughter Shanquella had suffered a fractured neck in addition to a cracked spine in the back.

Girl From Charlotte Died In Mexico

There has not been any public announcement made regarding the circumstances surrounding how Shanquella got hurt.

Within the confines of a room, a female can be seen on the video punching and kicking Shanquella Robinson. The pals took footage of the violent altercation.

During an interview, Shanquella’s sister disclosed that the family had received phone calls from individuals in Mexico who stated that a physical fight had taken place and that Shanquella had been beaten severely.

Yet, the family believed the assertions that the victim had alcohol poisoning.

Girl That Died In Mexico

In a statement that was published, the Department of State of the United States of America said, “These reports have not escaped our attention.”

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Protecting the well-being of citizens of the United States who are presently residing in another nation is one of our highest priorities.

We are unable to make any further comments at this time in order to respect the privacy of the individuals who participated in this project.

Thursday was the day when Shanquella’s body was returned to Charlotte, and the following Saturday will be the day that her funeral will take place.

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