Serena Williams: It is ‘almost the end of an era’ with an American icon set to retire from Tennis Ball.

Serena Williams said as an American superstar prepares to hang up her racquet for good.
After winning her 23rd Grand Slam singles championship, one of the greatest tennis players of all time and a cultural icon, Serena Williams, plans to call it quits and retire from the sport.

It is difficult to imagine what tennis would be like if the American superstar, who has won every conceivable triumph over the course of her 27-year career, was absent.

Williams will be remembered as one of the sport’s greatest competitors, an athlete with the most accurate serve in the women’s game and a never-ending drive for victory. She will be a name that will live on in sporting history.

She will also be remembered for her outspoken opposition to racism, her support of equal pay for men and women, and the fact that she talked about her own experiences as a black female patient in the healthcare system.

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Coco Gauff, who is now ranked 11th in the world, said that Williams is “the reason why I play tennis” and that her legacy may “inspire many more generations.” This statement was made as British number one Emma Raducanu, who is 19 years old, stated that Williams “changed the game.”

According to Gauff, the fact that tennis is a sport that is predominantly enjoyed by white people was probably beneficial. “because I saw another player who was similar to me come out on top in the game.” It inspired me to believe that I, too, might become a powerful force.

By Ernest Asamoah

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