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Seidu Rafiwu speaks on his walk-a-thon attempt

Seidu Rafiwu, a competitor for the Guinness World Record for the most distance traveled on foot by a single person, has shared details about his choice to take on the challenge.

Speaking on Friday, May 3, in an interview with Onua Maakye, Seidu revealed that he had always enjoyed walking as a hobby and had aspirations of joining the military.

Seidu Rafiwu speaks on his walk-a-thon attempt

In order to act as a peace ambassador ahead of the elections in December, he claimed to have invented the concept of shattering the world record for the furthest distance.

“I told my older brother about my desire to take action to make amends for the tragic incident that happened in Techiman during the 2020 elections, and he gave his approval. Walking is my hobby.

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“I wanted to do this to serve as an ambassador for peace for this year’s election,” he said.

Seidu Rafiwu stressed that his main priority for embarking on the record attempt was to call for peaceful elections in Techiman and urged Ghanaians

Rafiwu said although the record attempt was challenging, he never for once thought about quitting because he was determined to make a call for peaceful elections this year.

Seidu Rafiwu successfully completed his record attempt for the longest distance covered by foot on Tuesday, April 30.

Rafiwu embarked on his attempt on Saturday, April 27, and completed the 383 km walk journey in 96 hours from Techiman to Accra.

Seidu Rafiwu ended his record attempt on Tuesday, April 30 at Independence Square in Osu, Accra.

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During a break in his journey, the team actively engaged in massaging his thighs and legs to alleviate any strain or discomfort.

The current walking marathon record was set by America’s Jesse Casteneda in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, on September 26, 1976, after walking for 228.930 kilometers.

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