Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson in song ‘Try Me’

Sarkodie, a rapper from Ghana, has addressed Yvonne Nelson’s autobiography, titled “I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON,” in his most recent song, “Try Me.”

Sarkodie gives his perspective on what happened during his previous relationship with Yvonne Nelson and reveals it in this single.

The song, which was published on June 28, 2023, at 1:4 a.m., when the majority of Ghanaians had already gone to bed, is characterised by having some highly intense content.

Through a tweet, the singer of “Can’t Let You” disseminated the link to the song’s video on his own YouTube account.

Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson in song ‘Try Me’

In the new song, he discussed the controversy that surrounded Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, in which she listed him as the father of an unborn child but claimed that he shied away from his responsibilities as a parent.

She stated, “On a typical day, I would have laughed out loud, which would have led to a series of lighthearted conversations and jokes.” Nevertheless, this was not a joke at all. It was disheartening news that had the potential to completely turn my life on its head.

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Since I wasn’t the only one to blame for the predicament, I decided to get in touch with the individual from whom I had gotten the idea to call the police. Michael Owusu Addo, better known by his stage name Sarkodie, is a well-known musician from Ghana. His name is Sarkodie.

Sarkodie begins by praising Yvonne Nelson for having the guts to voice her thoughts, but he cautions her to divulge only the information she feels comfortable sharing with the public.

He claims that nobody requested her to share their personal experiences, and he insinuates that if she wants to discuss their relationship, she ought to be truthful about her entire romantic history. He maintains that nobody asked her to share their personal experiences.

“I never thought I was going on this wave, cause I was ready to take a couple of things to my grave. First of all, let me clap for you baby you are brave but you can’t pick and choose what to say pls behave, nobody sent you so Ohemaa if you want to talk, you have to tell the world every n*gga that you f*cked” Sarkodie said in the first lines of his song. The rapper continues by discussing their history, confirming that they were involved but expressing his shock at the current circumstances.

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He asserts that Yvonne Nelson notified him of her pregnancy and that he encouraged her to keep the child by suggesting that she do so. On the other hand, she clarified that she intended to finish her degree rather than work.

” I am not going to sit here and lie we had a thing, first I thought we were cool till I had a thing … You told me you were pregnant and I was the one to be blamed … yes I wasn’t ready but I told you to keep it and you explained that you have to complete your school,” he added

Sarkodie also revealed that he still has doubts about Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy because he offered to support her by providing medical care, but she declined, saying she didn’t need it.

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“To be honest, till date, I don’t believe it because I said my doctor should take care of you and you said you don’t need it. After the conversation, you sent me a text that a friend of yours said she had a doctor and he is the best. So don’t make it seem like I was the one pushing you for abortion because that’s the only part that made me angry,”

Fans and listeners share their perspectives on Sarkodie’s answer and the revelations from both sides as a result of the back-and-forth that has taken place between Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie. This has prompted public interest and conversations about the back-and-forth.

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