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Sakina Kamwendo, Biography, Age, Husband, Country, Language, Religion

Sakina Kamwendo is a figure that stands out in the brave new world of South African television. She is one of the figures that stand out. The television diva was born in South Africa, and she has continued to call that country her home ever since. It was also in South Africa that she began her career in broadcasting.

Sakina Kamwendo biography

Kamwendo Sakina is a South African radio host who has won multiple awards. He is best known for anchoring shows in South Africa such as Morning Live and Update at Noon by Sakina. Sakina was born on September 21, 1978.

There isn’t much evidence to back up the allegation that she’s from Malawi, despite the fact that some people say she is. Despite this, there is evidence that points to Sakina’s birthplace being in South Africa.

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Sakina Kamwendo Age

The 21st of September, 1978, was the day she was born. Despite the fact that there have been other stories stating that her birthday is September 26,

Despite this, the fact that Sakina is in her early 40s is nonetheless unaffected by the circumstances. Additionally, the information on her Twitter account indicates that she was born on September 12; however, the year in which she was born is not yet known.

Sakina Kamwendo Education

The final two years of Sakina’s secondary schooling were spent at Stanwest Secondary School. After that, she earned a degree from the University of Witwatersrand and completed her education there.

Sakina Kamwendo Career

When Kamwendo began working at Radio Eldos in Eldorado Park, it was the beginning of her career in radio. Radio Eldos is a network station.

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However, she was able to break through when Talk Radio 702 gave her permission to screen calls for the overnight show. This was the turning point in her career.

She eventually moved on to producing weekend and early morning shows, which contributed to an even greater increase in her popularity. In addition to that, Sakina worked at the Math Center on a full-time basis throughout this time.

Later on, however, she had an offer to work as a traffic reporter on the David O’Sullivan Show, and she accepted it. This caused her to resign from her position at the Math Center.

Today, the newscaster who has won multiple awards is famous for hosting the shows “Am Live” and “ForumAt8” on SA FM and the SABC News Channel.

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In addition, she is the host of a show on SA FM called Update at Noon, which airs from midday to one o’clock in the afternoon, Monday through Friday.

Sakina Kamwendo Husband

Who is the lucky man to have married Sakina Kamwendo? It is thought that radio personality Kamwendo has been married to her spouse for close to twenty years now.

There is no information available for Sakina Kamwendo’s husband, including his name, age, or work.

Sakina Kamwendo Children

Sakina is the mother of four kids. However, one of her daughters passed away, and many celebrities and coworkers expressed their sorrow through an internet platform.

Sakina Kamwendo Net Worth

The amount of money that Sakina Kamwendo has in her net worth is anywhere between $100,000 and $300,000.

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