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Ras Nene’s shaolin soccer remake goes viral; Check it out

Ras Nene, a Ghanaian comic actor, and his team have recently generated a stir on social media with a video of their most recent effort that shows behind-the-scenes footage.

In the music video, Ras Nene and his crew can be seen dressed up in outfits that are reminiscent of those seen in the classic 2001 film Shaolin Soccer.

Ras Nene and his colleagues displayed their comedic prowess in the video by acting out their own adaptation of the well-known movie.

They perform outstanding football skills, comedic gestures, and kung fu routines in a stadium that is beautifully constructed out of artificial turf. The reactions of the audience have been nothing short of hilarious, and they cannot wait for the full-length movie.

Fans of Shaolin Soccer have expressed their joy at seeing the much-loved figures brought to life by Ras Nene and his team, who have created the characters’ costumes with a lot of attention to detail.

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The behind-the-scenes videos has quickly gained widespread attention, and many people have praised Ras Nene for the hilarious talent and ingenuity it showcases.

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