President Kufuor urges the youth to do this on election day

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has urged young people in Ghana to actively engage in the next elections in December, highlighting the crucial role that they play in propelling the country's advancement.

Speaking at the voter campaign launch for the Kufuor Scholars Foundation, Kufuor emphasized the significance of youth participation in determining the destiny of the nation.

President Kufuor urges the youth to do this on election day

“With your learning and mature brain power, if you act as responsible citizens to ensure good and inclusive leadership, Ghana will turn around and be emulated on the continent of Africa,” Kufuor declared. Ghana alone has roughly 30 million citizens.

While more than 17 million Ghanaians were registered to vote in the 2020 elections, only 13 million actually cast ballots. The poor turnout is attributed to misgovernance, voter apathy, and economic hardship.

A recent survey by the Kufuor Scholars Foundation revealed that 43% of 1,000 Ghanaians plan not to vote in the upcoming December 7 election, highlighting the urgency of addressing voter apathy.


The Kufuor Scholars Programme, under the John Agyekum Kufuor Foundation, has partnered with the National Commission for Civic Education to launch a voter campaign aimed at increasing education and awareness about the importance of voting.

Kufuor added, “With over 70% of the youth population, you will be unstoppable if you become committed to doing what is right.”

Earlier this year, President Kufour called on Ghanaians to vote for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in the December elections.

President Kufour, who spoke passionately about his belief in Bawumia's capabilities, shared a personal anecdote dating back to 2002 when he first encountered the now-NPP flagbearer. At that time, Bawumia was serving as a research assistant for the governor of the Bank of Ghana in London.

“I have come to bear witness to the candidate who is being inaugurated today. I have always seen him as a man of destiny. When I first saw him in 2002, he was just a research assistant for the governor of the Bank of Ghana in London,” President Kufour remarked.

Recalling the incident, President Kufour revealed that after witnessing Bawumia's potential during a speech, he foresaw a bright future for the young man.

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