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Popular American filmmaker Spike Lee is in Ghana

Shelton Jackson, better known by his filmmaking alias, Spike Lee, a filmmaker from the United States, has arrived in Ghana.

Sunday, March 27 marked the day that the film’s director and producer touched down in Ghana.

Spike Lee has touched down in Ghana ahead of the three-day visit that will be made by US Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to reports, the director is a member of the creative arts team that works for the Vice President of the United States.

At the Kotoka International Airport, the “Beyond the Return” team as well as Kwesi Agyeman, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), were there to greet Spike Lee upon his arrival.

Spike Lee, a well-known filmmaker from the United States, is currently in Ghana.
A video of the actor being greeted by some traditional dancers and being surrounded by fans was uploaded to the Beyond the Return team’s YouTube channel.

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Annabelle Renee, the director of the Beyond the Return secretariat, who was also present at the airport, made the following statement: “The last time we met, I told him I was about to move to Ghana. This took place in 2018. Now that he’s in Ghana, I had the opportunity to greet him at the airport when he arrived.

“This really is amazing, and I continue to be happy that more African Americans are making the trip to connect with Ghana,” said one traveler. “Ghana is one of the most incredible countries in the world.”

Spike Lee is an American director and actor. His full name is Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee. Lee’s body of work has consistently investigated racial dynamics, problems within the black community, the function of the media in modern society, issues of urban deprivation and crime, and other political concerns.

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Malcolm X, Da 5 Bloods, BlacKkKlansman, and Inside Man are just some of the movies he’s been in. He’s also been in a lot of other movies.

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