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Petr Klima Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net worth, Cause of death, Family

At the age of 58, former hockey player Petr Klima went away suddenly. He competed in the NHL for thirteen seasons, winning the Stanley Cup with Edmonton in the 1989–1990 season. He was a Chomutov native who twice led Jihlava to league titles. He most recently served as first-league Kadana’s general manager.

Petr Klima Cause of death

On May 4, 2023, Petr Klima, a former NHL player with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Detroit Red Wings, passed away. Age-wise, he was 58.

The sad information was published on Facebook by Litvnov representatives.

Pavel Hynek, the club’s CEO, stated on the website,

“This awful news was delivered to us with tremendous pain.

I would like to send our sincere sympathies to Peter’s family, friends, and loved ones on behalf of the club. Another hockey legend from Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, and the Czech Republic has died.

Petr’s former team, the Edmonton Oilers, paid tribute to him on social media.

“We are profoundly saddened to learn of Petr Klima’s demise and send our sympathies to his family and all of his loved ones. Klima was a former Oilers player. The triple-OT winner in Game 1 of the 1990 Stanley Cup Final vs. Boston was one of the forward’s most famous goals in team history.

The family will announce the funeral arrangements for Petr Klima.

Petr Klima Cause of death

Apart from the fact that his death was confirmed, it is now unknown exactly what caused it; the reason for Petr Klima’s death was also kept a secret.

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We are seeking to contact Petr Klima’s friends and family in order to find out more about the reason for his death. We’ll update this area as soon as we find out any additional details about the unfortunate incident that caused so many people to cry.

Petr Klima Biography

A forward for the Czech national ice hockey team, Petr Klma. With the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, Tampa Bay Lightning, Edmonton Oilers, and Pittsburgh Penguins, he played in the National Hockey League.

Petr Klima played with the Cleveland Lumberjacks of the IHL for a portion of one season in addition to two in the Czech league.

When the Dukla Jihlava team’s management learned that the Detroit Red Wings were interested in signing the young star to an NHL contract, Klima was 20 years old.

The Wings were allegedly trying to bribe the Czechoslovak government to get Klima out of his nation, but despite all the attention Klima received, the Czechoslovak hockey authorities did nothing to stop him from traveling in Europe.

Klima was the first player from the Czech Republic to defect to an American club without first playing for one of the NHL’s Canadian teams, which had in the past smuggled many players from the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic out of Europe. This occurred throughout the course of the 1985 summer as a result of his successful defection.

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During the 1984 Canada Cup, Klima began speculating about joining the NHL after the 1984–1985 campaign with the Wings.

While in Vancouver playing for the Czechoslovak team at the time, he even secretly agreed to a multiyear contract with the Red Wings.

Without telling the Czechoslovak government, Polano had given Klima the contract. Klima, who arrived in Detroit on September 22, 1985, could not speak English, so it was fortunate that the Red Wings were also able to bring his girlfriend to the country.

As a reminder of the year he won freedom, Klima requested jumper number 85, which he wore the entire time he played in the NHL.

In the 88th overall slot of the 1983 NHL Entry Draft, the Red Wings chose Klima in the fifth round. He played junior hockey for the CHZ Litvinov group.

Petr Klima Career

Klima played his whole four-year career with the Wings from 1985 to 1989. Then, along with Joe Murphy, Adam Graves, and Jeff Sharples, he was traded to the Oilers in exchange for Jimmy Carson, Kevin McClelland, and a fifth-round pick in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft.

Klima scored the winning goal in the longest Stanley Cup Finals game ever despite not participating at all in the third period or the first two overtimes of Game 1 of the 1990 Finals against Andy Moog of the Boston Bruins. He played for the Oilers from 1980 to 1993, and in 1990, he took home the Stanley Cup.

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In 1993, the Lightning purchased Klima in exchange for potential future gains. Klima played for the Lightning for three seasons up to 1996.

Prior to being released in 1997, he played for the Lumberjacks, Kings, Penguins, and Oilers during the 1996–1997 season. He took part in the DEL from 1997 to 1998, and then in 1998 he attempted a comeback with the Red Wings.

Petr Klima retired permanently in 2003 after playing two seasons in the Czech League between 2001 and 2003 after leaving the NHL in 1999.

Petr Klima led the team over those two years and played for Litvinov. When asked which jersey number he wished to wear, Klima replied with the number 85 in remembrance of the year of his defection and his first season in the NHL.

Petr Klima Net worth

The estimated net worth of Petr Klima was $4 million.

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