Paul Silas Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Cause Of Death, Family Career

Paul Silas Biography

Paul Theron Silas was a basketball player and head coach in the National Basketball Association in the United States. He played professionally in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The 12th of July, 1943, marked his birth, and the 11th of December, 2022, marked his passing. (NBA).

Paul Silas Age

Paul was born on July 12 in Prescott, which is in the state of Arkansas in the United States of America. Paul’s birthday is July 12, and his birthplace is Arkansas.

When Paul died, he was 79 years old, based on the information that we have on the date of his birth, which puts his age at exactly 1979.

Paul Silas Wife and Children

Before Paul passed away, he was married to a woman whose name was Carolyn Silas, and they had been married for some time. Carolyn is involved in the community through her work as a volunteer for groups that promote social justice.

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In addition to this, she is the owner of her own company. Both Paul and Carolyn have been granted the gift of parenthood, and the names Paula and Stephen Silas have been chosen for their offspring, respectively.

Paul Silas Cause of Death

The 11th of December in the year 2022 was the day when Silas passed away. The three-time NBA champion is survived by his wife, Carolyn Silas, as well as his children, Paula Silas and Stephen Silas. Carolyn Silas was also an NBA champion.

Carolyn Silas was a winner in her own right, just like any other champion. He passed away in the city of Denver, which is located in North Carolina.

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