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Patti LaBelle children: Meet Zuri Kye Edwards, Stayce Holte, William Holte, Dodd Stocker-Edwards, Stanley Stocker-Edwards

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Patti LaBelle is the stage name under which Patricia Louise Holte, an American R&B singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur, performs professionally. The term “Godmother of Soul” has been applied to LaBelle by a few people.

Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles gave her her first opportunity to shine as a performer when she joined the band in the early 1960s as the group’s lead singer and frontwoman.

Patti LaBelle children: Meet Zuri Kye Edwards, Stayce Holte, William Holte, Dodd Stocker-Edwards, Stanley Stocker-Edwards

Patti LaBelle’s spouse was a man named Armstead Edwards. They were blessed with a boy named Zuri Kye Edwards after they tied the knot.

Stayce Holte, Dodd Stocker-Edwards, William Holte, and Stanley Stocker-Edwards are the names of the children she has taken in.

Zuri Kye Edwards

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Patti LaBelle and her former spouse, Armstead Edwards, are the parents of their daughter, Zuri Kye Edwards. He was born on July 17th, 1973, which makes his present age 49 years old.

In Pooler, Georgia, in the United States, Zuri is in charge of the event services provided by the firm at Events by Zuri, LLC. Additionally, he serves as Patti LaBelle’s manager.
Lona Edwards is the spouse of the couple’s two children, Gia and Leyla, respectively.

Stayce Holte

Patti LaBelle’s niece is Stayce Holte. After the passing of her mother, Jacqueline Holte, Patti became her adoptive mother. Stayce Holte’s personal life is kept under wraps, despite the fact that she is a celebrity.

William Holte

Patti LaBelle is the aunt of William Holte, whom she adopted after the death of her younger sister, Jacqueline Holte, in 1989. William is Patti’s nephew. In Pennsylvania, William Holte works in landscaping.

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Dodd Stocker-Edwards

During the time that she was married to Armstead Edwards, Patti became Dodd Stocker-Edwards’ mother. Pump Dog is a high-end brand of gym clothes that is owned by Dodd Stocker-Edwards. The company is based in New Jersey.

Stanley Stocker-Edwards

During the time when she was still married to her now-ex-husband Armstead Edwards, Patti became the adoptive mother of Stanley Stocker-Edwards.

Stanley Stocker-Edwards received his law degree from Harvard University. [Note:
At the moment, Stanley is an attorney who works for Covington and Burling LLP in Washington, District of Columbia.

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