Pastor Elvis Agyeman Reacts To Alpha Hour Viral Photo [Watch the video]

A picture that went viral on the internet showing members of Pastor Elvis Agyeman’s congregation calculating large quantities of money that were under his control has caused a stir on the internet. Agyeman is a well-known gospel preacher.

According to some reports, the money came from contributions and offerings made during his virtual prayer service, which was called Alpha Hour.

Some individuals are angry that Ghanaians are supposedly so naïve that they have been taken advantage of and are helping to enrich a young preacher and his family while they themselves continue to live in abject poverty.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang has stated that, in response to this, he does not spend the money that is offered to him at the Alpha Hour altar.

According to the man of God, he donates all of the money that is donated during their service to charitable causes. He does things like pay the tuition for people’s children, feed a large number of people, and even tithe to another church.

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Pastor Elvis Agyemang disclosed that the only money he freely spends is that which people individually give to him as a token of their appreciation for the work that he performs. Watch the video below.

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