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Obrafour Sue Drake: A New Twist as Another Person Claim Ownership of the Sampled Sound; Here is all you need to know

Nii Manste Aryeequaye, the CEO of Chalewote Festival, is claiming ownership of the “Killer Cut” sound, which is the voice behind the song “Oye Ohene” by legendary Ghanaian rapper Obrafour.

Drake, a Canadian rapper, is being sued by Obrafour for allegedly using a sample on Obrafour’s song “Calling My Name.”

Drake had asked for permission to utilize the piece, but his request was rejected.

He continued to release the song despite being stopped. As a result, Obrafour is asking for at least $10 million in compensation.

In addition to other relief, the attorneys for the renowned Ghanaian rapper who brought the lawsuit in the Southern District of New York are requesting that the court rule that the “defendant willfully infringed Obrafour’s copyrighted work in violation of the Copyright Act.”

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However, Nii Manste said in a tweet that Obrafour made a mistake by suing him without first notifying him.

Nii Mantse claims that Drake “never relinquished to Obrafour the right to the said ‘Killer Cut’ sound and that the producer of the album, Hammer of the Last 2, used the same sound on Obrafour’s song as he did with others.”


Nii Mantse is credited with introducing new songs and artists from the Last Two Music Group to the music business as well as serving as the presenter of veteran music producer Hammer’s creations.

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