NPP to establish party school; Check out what they intend to do in Ghana

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has revealed that it intends to create a party school that will promote the party’s objective of creating a society that is both free and prosperous while also offering training for future party leaders.

This plan was unveiled by the National Chairman of the NPP, Stephen Ayesu Ntim, during a Mentorship Forum held on Thursday at the University of Professional Studies in Accra and organised by the National Youth Wing of the NPP.

The purpose of the party school will be to provide those NPP members who aspire to hold leadership roles within the party and the government with the opportunity to acquire the relevant skills and information. In addition to this, it will be responsible for doing cutting-edge research in order to further the goals of the party.

As part of the celebrations to honour the 31st anniversary of the party, Mr. Ntim provided an update on the developments that had taken place in the process of establishing the school. He disclosed that a national secretariat for the party school had already been obtained.

NPP to establish party school

Aaron Mike Oquaye, who served as the previous Speaker of Parliament, will serve as the chairperson of the governing council. Professor Bondzie Simpson, who served as the previous Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), will serve as the institution’s Rector.

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According to what he indicated, the primary goals of the school will be to implant a centre-right orientation and the fundamental values and ideals of the party in its members.

According to Mr. Ntim, the purpose of the school is to teach students from educational institutions such as TESCON (Tertiary Students Confederacy) 21st-century leadership qualities in order to better prepare them for the workforce of the future.

“As we speak, practically all of the preparations that are essential have been completed. We have been successful in obtaining a national secretariat for the institution. Mr. Ntim announced that a governing council had been established, with the Right Honourable Aaron Mike Oquaye, the most recent Speaker of Parliament, serving as the council’s chairman.

“The party has also appointed a Rector for the school. Professor Bondzie Simpson, who was most recently the immediate past Rector of GIMPA, will serve in this capacity.”

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The National Chairman of the NPP shared his vision for the school, indicating that in the medium to long term, appointees and potential appointees in an NPP administration, as well as elected officers and appointees at all party levels, would undertake training at the party school. He also stated that this would include appointees at various party levels.

“The primary focus of the leadership training that will be provided at the party school will be on members of the party who desire to hold leadership roles inside the party as well as in government. It is envisaged that the school will also create research that is both credible and cutting-edge, with the goal of promoting the party’s vision of creating a society that is both free and affluent, as he emphasised.

“Furthermore, the school, as part of its overarching goals, will be committed to identifying and grooming students from our educational institutions like TESCON in order to instill in them the kind of leadership that is congruent with the 21st century. Additionally, they will be taught the fundamental principles of a centre-right orientation that are the foundation of the NPP political establishment.

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In practise, the primary focus of the party school will be on indoctrinating its members with the party’s ideology, as well as its political and communication strategy, principles, and fundamental values, as well as the philosophies of individuals such as JB Danquah, Simeon Dombo, and Kofi Abrefa Busia, amongst others.

It is anticipated that party appointees and potential appointees in an NPP administration, as well as elected officers and appointees of the party at the national, regional, constituency electoral area, and polling station levels, will have received training at the party school in the medium to long term.

He encouraged younger people to make the most of the party school once it was finally operational.

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