NDC to spend $500m on fight against illegal mining

NDC flagbearer John Mahama's Special Aide has revealed that $500 million will be invested by the party if it wins the next election to fight the threat of illicit mining, also referred to as “galamsey” in the community.

This is a serious problem, Joyce Bawa-Mogtari told Evans Mensah on PM Express and more state funding will be allocated to deal with it.

John Mahama, for instance, stated in his speech at the University of Mines and Energy that at least $500 million will be allocated first toward research to gather data and, of course, using current technologies, according to the former Deputy Minister of Transport.


“Everybody's interested in this conversation…there is something that modern technology does for us. It makes things much easier and presents a better photograph and actually satisfies something that humans cannot do,” she explained on Monday.

Mahama to Deploy AI to Fight illegal mining

Former President John Mahama last month revealed plans to employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) in combating illegal small-scale mining at the ‘3rd Annual Transformational Dialogue on Small-Scale Mining' organised by the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sunyani.

The issue has become a significant challenge for successive governments, with many Ghanaians concerned about its debilitating impact.

The Ghana Water Company has highlighted how the practice increases the cost of treating water.

Mr Mahama emphasized the need for technological innovation to enhance the monitoring of the small-scale mining sector and minimize its environmental impact.

“We will introduce and encourage technological innovation to improve capacity for coordinated monitoring of the small-scale mining sector and reduce environmental impact,” he said.


He proposed the utilisation of AI to identify small-scale mining and galamsey activities, monitor excavators, and establish geo-fences around concessions to prevent mining operations in unauthorized areas, including water bodies.

“This will include using AI to locate all small-scale mining and galamsey operations, track excavators, and geo-fence all concessions to ensure mining operations are not conducted in unapproved areas, including water bodies.”

This initiative aims to strengthen coordinated efforts in monitoring and regulating mining activities, thereby promoting sustainable mining practices and environmental conservation.

Technology Does It Better

Adding her voice, Joyce Bawa-Mogtari said despite the government's failure to use drones to fight the menace, AI can be more effective.

“You can sit in your room even and be able to tell that the military that you've sent, instead of the ones that we saw in videos wearing mufti and going out there to engage in these activities themselves, are working.”

“These are technologies that will be used to actually expose some of these acts.”

According to her, due to the importance of the subject matter, a lot of support could be obtained for free from various stakeholders in the mining industry.

“Remember that climate control and climate change are big conversations. There are government-to-government and state-to-state conversations that are taking place. There's a lot of resources…there will be conversations that will lead us to this process, but note also, that it is a matter of public interest.


“Larger mining companies invest a lot in their mines. The activities of these illegal, responsible miners affect their activities too. It is also their responsibility in terms of corporate image to invest in this and they are doing a great job already.”

Madam Bawa-Mogtari said CSOs are already having conversations about how to support the fight, so the next NDC government will count on them to “help with education and training.”


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