Namra Qadir Youtuber Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend, Net worth

Namra Qadir Biography

Namra Qadir is known for her work as a model, social media influencer, and YouTuber. Previously, she was a Tiktok celebrity. She is one of the young women who are gaining a following on various social networking sites.

In addition to that, she collaborated with a number of prominent YouTubers, such as Virat Beniwal, Aniket Beniwal, and a variety of others.

In this piece, we will provide you with in-depth information on Namra Qadir, a popular YouTuber, including her Wikipedia page, Instagram account, boyfriend, family, and net worth.

Namra Qadir Parent

Kabir Qadir is Namra Qadir’s father, and Azma Qadir is Namra Qadir’s mother. Namra’s middle name is Qadir. At this time, we are unable to identify Namra’s other family members.

Namra Qadir Boyfriend

Namra is a girl who is extremely open to the public and shares everything with her supporters. She is a very transparent person. Namra Qadir’s boyfriend is Virat Beniwal.

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You are correct in assuming that Virat Beniwal is the boyfriend of a Namra; nonetheless, it is possible that this assumption is incorrect. To answer your question, Namra has not stated unequivocally whether or not Virat Beniwal is her boyfriend.

This could be correct or incorrect. Namra no longer shares any posts or images on social media that are connected to the fact that she is dating Virat.

Namra Qadir Body Measurements

Namra stood around 5 feet, 5 inches tall and had a body figure of 34-28-36. She has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Her weight was around 55 kg.

Namra Qadir Net Worth

At the moment, Namra had a net worth of around 55 lakh Indian rupees, which is equivalent to approximately 5 million Indian rupees. The amount of money that Namra made each month came to almost one lakh rupees. Sponsorship is the primary source of her income, with some coming from Google Adsense as well.

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