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The death of Korean actor Na Chul occurred on January 21st. He was 36 years old and had acted in a number of films that went on to become famous in the Korean cinema industry. The unexpected passing of the Korean actor has left many of his admirers in a state of disbelief, while others have expressed their anguish at the news.

Na Chul Cause of death

The actor reportedly passed away owing to “exacerbated health concerns,” as reported by All K-Pop. In addition, Star News Korea said that the celebrity had been receiving medical care for his declining health. The actor’s difficulties keeping up with his health maintenance landed him in the news headlines.


The critically acclaimed television series “Weak Hero Class 1” was where Na Chul made his name as an actor. Many people on social media commended Na Chul for his performance in the drama, in which he portrayed the character “Kim Gil Soo,” which garnered him plaudits.

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The guy played by Na Chul in the program pressured a large number of youths who were running away to conduct crimes for him, which put them in an endless cycle of legal difficulties.

Other prominent television shows in which Na Chul has appeared include “Happiness,” “SBS,” “How to Distinguish Voices,” “Once Upon a Small Town,” and “Vincenzo.”

Na Chul, the famous actor also appeared in a number of other movies, including “Tylenol,” “Tune In for Love,” “Sinkhole,” and “Extreme Job.”

Kim Go Eun, an actress who collaborated with Na Chul on the production of “Little Women,” posted a tribute to the late actor and his life on Instagram. She praised him as “the most wonderful performer” in the industry.

The actress posted a few images of him on her Instagram account with the caption, “The most lovely actor, Na Chul.” She continued by saying, “Na Chul is the most lovely guy, parent, husband, son, and friend.”

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In addition, the actress’s agency made the announcement that they would not be covering her in an upcoming airport fashion story. It is quite possible that she will be present for the burial of the actor, which is scheduled to take place on January 23. The Yongsan-gu, Seoul branch of the Soonchunhyang University funeral house was reportedly present at the actor’s funeral procession, as reported by The Republic Monitor.


Kim Go-eun, who co-starred with Na Chul in the hit Korean television drama “Little Women,” said that the actor was already married.

Despite the fact that his female co-stars lauded him throughout his career as a wonderful father and husband, Na Chul chose to keep his marital life private throughout his profession.

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Some people suggested that he may have done this in an effort to shield his loved ones from the scrutiny of the media, notably his wife Na Chul and their children.

Na Chul’s wife is also very private, and she agrees with her husband that their personal lives should be kept hidden from the public.

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