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My father was absent in my life when I was growing up – Mcbrown

In a recent interview, Ghanaian actress and television personality Nana Ama McBrown discussed her poor beginnings and her relationship with her father. McBrown is also known for her work on Ghanaian television.

McBrown, who is renowned for her mesmerizing performances in front of the camera, recently disclosed that she shared her childhood for a period of time with her mother before moving on to live with her aunt and grandmother. In addition to this, she revealed that she did not get to know her father until she was much older.

She said, “To tell you the truth, I started from nothing; I worked my way up from the bottom.” Even though I did not have my dad until I was an adult, he is still there. That conflict has been resolved, and the issue has been remedied. I don’t intend to cause him any harm.

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According to the celebrity, who has won multiple awards for her work, she makes it a point to visit her father once every two months to catch up and communicate with him.

“I visit him every two months and chat with him,” she said to Berla Mundi and the audience of the Day broadcast.

McBrown managed to become one of Ghana’s most successful actresses in spite of the difficult circumstances of her childhood.

Mcbrown expressed her gratitude for the chances that have been presented to her by saying, “Being a nurse is okay, but I am sure most nurses would love to be in my position or nurse in my hometown, Asuom.

I have been very fortunate.” I’ll have a job, so there’s no reason for me to change who I am for anyone or anything.”

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As McBrown has very little education from the formal education system, her story is one of perseverance and hard work to make up for the lack of education.

However, she is a source of motivation for many people thanks to her achievements in the entertainment industry and her dogged persistence in the face of challenges.


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