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Mukami Kimathi Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Children, Cause of death

Mukami Kimathi Cause of death

The 96-year-old patient, who had been admitted to the hospital in Nairobi because of breathing problems, passed away while receiving treatment there.

According to information provided by her daughter, Evelyn Kimathi Wangui, she passed away on Thursday evening.

Mukami Kimathi Biography

Mukami Kimathi is a courageous and resilient lady who has made important contributions to the movement in Kenya for justice and equality.

Her work as an activist, author, and entrepreneur has gained her a number of honors and acclaim, and she continues to encourage young people all over the country to become agents of change in the areas in which they live.

The fact that Mukami Kimathi is so dedicated to the battle for freedom and justice is a powerful demonstration of the enduring legacy that her father and other freedom fighters in Kenya have left behind.

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Mukami Kimathi Age

At the time of her passing, Mukami Kimathi had reached the age of 96.

Mukami Kimathi Career

During the time that Mau Mau independence militants were being held at Kamiti Maximum Prison as part of the war for independence, Mukami was one of them.

Mukami Kimathi played a significant role in the struggle that led to Kenya’s independence from its colonial rulers.

Mukami recently obtained financial assistance from the administration of President William Ruto, which assisted her in paying off a hospital bill of Sh1.3 million.

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