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Mother of late TikTok star, Ahuofe breaks silence on his death

Mama Gee, who was the mother of the late Ahuofe, a TikTok sensation, has broken her silence on her son’s passing.

The distraught mother said that although she is saddened by the unexpected passing of her son, Kwaku Adomako, she is glad that he was able to bring happiness to the people of Ghana.

When I was out in public, a lot of people got to know, recognize, and appreciate me because of what he was doing on social media, which made me happy, and I appreciated what he was doing on social media.

“I pray to God that all of his fans are strengthened, and I want them to know how much I appreciate the love and support they have given him,” she said.

During an interview, Ahuofe’s mother revealed that her son passed away while he was hospitalized for two days prior to his passing.

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She did note, however, that the cause of death is still a mystery at this time.

“It is not true he died from a drug overdose. In an interview with Ghpage, she said, “The only thing the doctor asked was whether he takes alcohol, and I confirmed that he does sometimes. However, we do not know the exact cause of death.”

Mama Gee reminisced about the late Kwaku Adomako, saying that he was a jovial, humble, and helpful person who avoided getting into trouble as much as he could.

She did add that the gangster lifestyle that her son was known for was only for the purposes of social media trends, though.

In fact, Mama Gee stated that her late son maintained a very even temperament.

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The mother went on to say that her late son was her third child and that he passed away when he was 30 years old.

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