Mira Murati, 35 Year old Indian Origin: The Woman behind Chat GPT

The user provides input, and ChatGPT, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, uses that information to generate text responses. ChatGPT was first released in November 2022, and since then, it has amassed a significant following all around the world.

However, recently, authorities have expressed worry regarding the risks linked with ChatGPT. Mira Murati, who serves as the Chief Technology Officer at OpenAI, the firm that developed ChatGPT, has lately voiced her reservations regarding the chatbot and stated that AI has the potential to be abused.

“[AI] has the potential to be abused, and it is also susceptible to abuse by malicious actors.” Furthermore, there are problems regarding how the application of this technology may be governed on a worldwide scale.

In an interview with Time magazine, she posed the question, “How do you manage the use of AI in a way that is compatible with human values?”

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Mira Murati believes that the organization will require all of the assistance that it is able to acquire from a variety of different sources.

“But we’re a small group of people, and we need a ton more involvement in this system and a lot more influence that goes beyond the technology — absolutely regulators and governments and everyone else,” she pointed out.

Who is Mira Murati?

The Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth is where Mira Murati completed the requirements for her Bachelor of Engineering degree. At OpenAI, she serves as the Senior Vice President of Research, Products, and Partnerships.

Mira Murati was born in San Francisco, California, in the United States, in the year 1988. Both of Mira Murati’s parents hail from the Indian subcontinent.

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Only in the United States of America was Mira born and nurtured. Moreover, Mira has held the position of Senior Product Manager at Tesla.

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