Minimum Wage Increased From GHc13.53 to GHc14.88 Effective January 2023

The government of Ghana decided to raise the daily minimum wage to 14.88 Ghana cedis (GH) from the previous rate of 13.53 Ghana cedis (GH) in order to reflect the present state of the economy in the country.

At a news conference on November 16, the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Ignatius Baffour Awuah, revealed that the national minimum salary has been hiked from GH 13.53 to GH 14.88. Previously, the minimum pay was GH 13.53.

During the discussion that led to the establishment of this new pay, participants from Organized Labor, the Ghana Employers Association, and the government of Ghana were all present (the national tripartite committee).

“The committee came to the conclusion that it was necessary to raise the national daily minimum wage by 10 percent over the national daily minimum wage that was in effect in 2022. This would result in a new national daily minimum wage of GH14.88 pesewas.

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Additionally, the committee recommended that a cost of living allowance be increased by 15 percent over the national daily minimum wage that was in effect in 2023. The first of January 2023 shall serve as the start date for the implementation of the national daily minimum wage that will take effect in 2023.

“All establishments, institutions, and organizations whose daily minimum salaries are below the new amount shall adjust correspondingly effective January 1, 2023,” he added. “This adjustment should take effect on the first day of the year.”

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